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From August 21st to the 25th, 2019, the first edition of AcceCine takes place, the first accessible film festival in Peru. It was created with the aim of creating spaces where people who live with any type of disability, be it physical, sensory or intellectual, can access the enjoyment of culture and various artistic expressions, as well as take advantage of the benefits offered by new technologies. The activities of this Festival, unprecedented in Peru, facilitate the approach of people with visual and hearing disabilities to the enjoyment of cinema, through films that have audio-description and descriptive subtitles. In addition, it has outdoor activities and decentralized venues across the country, in order to reach the largest number of people -with and without disabilities. Through the films, a message of information and responsibility regarding the rights of people with disabilities and their inclusion in society is carried. Okurelo participates, initially, advising the festival and then providing accessible Uruguayan films adapted by our team.

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