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From November 14th to 23rd, the International CinemaFest 2014 Festival takes place in San Luis Potosí. It is the first film festival that includes in its general programming titles adapted for blind and deaf people in Mexico, thanks to the collaboration of Okurelo. In addition, during the festival, temporary jobs are created for Mexicans with disabilities, which activates the economy of all citizens of San Luis Potosí. The festival is organized by the 1896 AC Foundation with the support of the San Luis Potosí city council in Mexico. The theme of the festival is "Cinema within the reach of all", which aims to set a new course of free and accessible cinema for Mexicans. The objective is to promote equality, and in congruence with inclusion. It has screenings, exhibitions in a cinema theme park, production of short films, and workshops. Likewise, the CinemaFest holds round tables where guests from the public, academic, intellectuals, and private sectors are invited, where they discussed and write the proposal for the "Law for the promotion and development of state cinematographic art". Okurelo's director, Carolina Sosa, works with our team in Uruguay to develop the festival's accessibility and then travels to Mexico to adapt two Mexican films with audio-description and descriptive subtitles. Moreover, it provides Uruguayan films adapted by our team and directs the accessibility of the theaters during the festival.

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