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From April 5 to May 27, 2021, the first Cultural Accessibility workshop is held in Montevideo. It is dictated by our director, Carolina Sosa, and is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay, thanks to the FEFCA fund.

The workshop introduces the student to the world in which people with physical or intellectual diversity live to know how they receive art and culture. The techniques necessary to make an artistic work or a cultural space accessible to people with disabilities are taught.

The program is aimed at adults, both students and professionals in communication, film, fine arts, humanities, and other related artistic careers, as well as cultural managers and officials who work in cultural centers. At the end of the workshop, the student learns the theoretical framework that includes the background, regulations, and social justification, as well as the basic fundamentals of audio description for blind people, descriptive subtitling, and interpretation in sign language for deaf people.

At the same time, he knows the best methods of communication and dissemination of accessible content and shares with people who have visual and hearing disabilities who sensitize him on the subject. On the other hand, he carries out practical and dynamic work to carry out the adaptation of at least one artistic work of his choice that is then shared with the target audience.

DATES: Every Monday and Thursday, from April 5 to May 27, 2021

SCHEDULE: 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

DURATION: 2 months.

TIME LOAD: 16 classes of two hours each.

COST: $ 5500 per month (Ask about scholarships or discounts).

To see the full program, visit the gallery at the top of the screen.

For inquiries and registration send an email to

To listen to the promotional audio, click on the video below.

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