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From January 26th to the 31st, 2021, the second edition of AcceCine takes place in Peru, the only accessible film festival of the country. It was to be held in 2020 but -due to the pandemic- it is postponed and is carried out virtually. The festival is organized by Collective Media, JAPPI-Peru, and Iqorama.  The purpose is to promote social inclusion, the accessibility of culture, and the rights that people with disabilities have. National and foreign films are screened, and conversations, masterclasses, meetings, and conferences are held. Moreover, other artistic disciplines such as theater, music, and dance are included. Okurelo collaborates by offering films adapted by our team and, in addition, Carolina Sosa participates in the dialogue and exchange of experiences table: "Accessible culture, dreams, experiences and realities in Latin America". At the table, representatives of national and foreign institutions share their work in favor of making diverse cultural expressions accessible to people with disabilities. Each project has particularities, potentials, and ways of solving issues that are important to share with other initiatives and the public that participates in order to continue improving among all.

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