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From August 19th to September 23rd, 2019, the second edition of the accessible cinema cycle takes place in Uruguay. The cycle is organized by the National Union of the Blind together with Okurelo, with the support of the Cultural Center of Spain of Uruguay and the Catholic University. A film series is offered with Spanish and Uruguayan films that aim to sensitize and normalize inclusion mechanisms such as audio-description and descriptive subtitles, making cinema an artistic manifestation as accessible as possible for all people. Comedy, documentary, drama, and animation in a diverse and accessible cycle. For the first time, all projections have open audio-description. So far, in the projections carried out by Okurelo, the audio-description was heard through headphones that people put on while in the room the soundtrack of the film was heard. From this moment on, it was decided to start playing the audio-description on open speakers together with the soundtrack to make it more inclusive.

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