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On November 17th, at the Zitarrosa Hall in Uruguay, the film Carmen Vidal, detective woman, is exhibited as part of the National Cinema Day. The feature film was adapted by Okurelo and, for the first time, a film is released with accessibility almost simultaneously with its premiere in the commercial circuit of the country. In addition, the accessibility of the short film La Peste (2017) is exhibited, which is the product of the work carried out in the project «Short: accessible short film», selected in the 2020 call for projects with a focus on human rights from CSEAM and Espacio de Formación Integral - EFI- between the FIC and FHCE. The programming is free and is organized by the Uruguayan Film Commission (ICAU) with the support of Okurelo, the National Union of the Blind, and the Faculty of Information and Communication of the State University.

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